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Lyndie Lou's

Cookie company

Your Neighborhood Cookie Shop

At Lyndie Lou's, it's our joy to serve you our very best cookies. We love the art of planning and decorating cookies for any event. Whether you have a design in mind or want to order pictured cookies  - our treats can sweeten any day!




Heather, Realtor

Lyndie Lou's is AMAZING! I haven't put anything in my mouth like it! All of her baked goods are phenomal and unique. Not only do they taste delicious, they are decorated with care and creativity - they almost don't look real. I would recommend to anyone and everyone!!

Pamela, Small Business Owner

The owner of this lovely cookie company is a dear friend and I have tasted and enjoyed many of her creations. Lynda is very creative and talented! The cookies are amazing!

Marla, Frequent Customer

These cookies are not only intricately and beautifully decorated, but they are really delicious! A rare combination. Highly recommend them for any occasion!

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